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Global Basis offers four primary categories of service, which are delivered as customized solutions for each client. Our core competencies include organizing single sale and continuity business structures, providing private label products and programs, connecting strategic partners, and administering supplementary support.


Global Basis is experienced in the complete development and management of multi-channel direct response campaigns including internet marketing, direct mail, inbound and outbound telemarketing, television, radio, print, retail, mobile, door-to-door sales, events, and affiliate marketing. We specialize in enrollment, subscription, and membership products; our vertical markets include financial services, club programs, online subscription services, personal data security, telemedicine, and more. We also work with selected single-sale product direct to consumer marketers that integrate with the same marketing channels utilized by our enrollment product clients.


Global Basis also works closely with clients to develop turnkey or customized private label programs that help them break into new industries. These programs enable our clients to generate substantial incremental revenue without the burden of building the business. These programs may involve partnerships with third-party product providers, new in-house product development, adding components to existing products, or direct brokering. We work with market leaders in several product categories, bringing a broad portfolio of options to our clients and marketing partners.


Global Basis excels at developing reciprocal relationships between businesses that leverage the resources of each company to produce mutual benefits. We help clients identify lucrative alliance, develop strategies for proposed opportunities, build relationships with prospective partners, as well as implement and maintain these relationships and projects.


Global Basis supports clients in various scales including product development, marketing creative, media distribution, payment mechanisms, CRM database, inbound sales room, customer service management and training, and other aspects of our clients’ business operations. Global Basis offers clients in-depth consultation to help clarify opportunities, strategic planning to penetrate the market, and comprehensive support in designing, launching, and operating each program.

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